The Blockchain Academy – London 13-14 March, 2017

img_7980The Blockchain Academy London, our a 2-day event on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology was a great success: with the contribute of international experts such as Garrick Hileman (Cambridge University), Daniele De Gennaro (European Banking Federation – EBF) and Ferdinando M. Ametrano (Politecnico di Milano) the Blockchain Academy held in London confirms the need of knowledge and information about this topic.

More than 25 participants from various industries took part at The Blockchain Academy organized by B3 – Blockchain Business Board and held in London on March 13th-14th.

Participants were able to get a comprehensive outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: the first day saw an introduction which covered most of the relevant topics that any C-Level exec would want to know. Dr. Hileman gave his speech on the state of the art of Blockchain today also unveiling the results of his upcoming research co-authored by Prof. Vincenzo Morabito (Bocconi University). Daniele De Gennaro, representative of the European Banking Federation, gave his contribute on the actual recognition of Blockchain technology within the Financial industry. The second day provided an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs made possible by Blockchain where Prof. Ametrano explained Cryptography, the Blockchain Taxonomy, managing of Digital Assets and Private Keys, the Evolution of Money from Coins to Digital Gold and Blockchain Applications beyond Bitcoin.

Participants had the opportunity to study as well as practice what they have been listening from our intriguing speakers. Our approach it has been designed in order to guarantee a full comprehension of Blockchain technology for all participants.

Marco Favia, head of B3 – Blockchain Business Board, pointed out that: “After the success of the first Blockchain Academy in Milan, this one confirms again our commitment. Our goal is to allow to both Blockchain experts and companies to interact with each other. We want to help our stakeholders to gain a proper understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology to help leverage its full potential”.