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FIRST DAY ONLY: £ 1,150.00 + VAT
The first day will target the business perspective. In the morning, Garrick Hileman (Cambridge University) and Vincenzo Morabito (Università Bocconi) will present their latest research on Blockchain followed by Daniele De Gennaro (EBF) who will provide an overview about financial institutions adoption of Blockchain. In the afternoon, Ferdinando M. Ametrano (Politecnico di Milano) will provide an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs enabled by Blockchain.

FULL ACADEMY (2 Days): £ 1,850.00 + VAT
The Full Academy is designed for those who need a comprehensive outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. In addition to the topics explored during the March 13th event, on the following day participants will attend an educational session, focused at deepening the concepts and technology of Blockchain both with theoretical sessions and practical ones (workshops and group activities).  

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Understanding Cryptocurrencies and their associated Disruptive Technology

Course Language: English

Course Material: English

Who should attend: C-level execs conceding that they need to properly understand what is going on, transaction bankers, regulators, innovators, payment institution managers, technologists, software developers, security experts, lawyers and notaries interested in the digital domain.

The course: With the spur of Digital disruption, it’s crucial to gain a proper understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology to help leverage its full potential. ‘Distributed consensus’ without intermediaries or central authority could lead to disruption in Financial and Notarization services. The next step to such disruption leads to the Internet of Value (IoV), which already seems to be redefining the industrial, banking, and government landscapes. The application of cryptography in distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and tamper resistant records is going to play a vital role in any technological stack as well as in changing the history of money.

 Relevant Topics to be covered:

  • Cryptography demystified: introduction to Hash Functions, Private/Public keys, and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA);
  • Blockchain Taxonomy: core concepts like Transactions, Blockchain, Merkle Tree, Distributed Consensus, Mining will be explained;
  • Digital Assets and Managing Private Keys: understanding the controlling mechanism of digital assets, wallets, hot/cold storage, exchanges and payment processors;
  • Evolution of Money from Coins to Digital Gold: understand how Bitcoin can be considered as digital gold and why it’s relevant to the history of money;
  • Blockchain Applications beyond Bitcoin: time-stamping, notarization services, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts


Ferdinando teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano. Ferdinando – Former Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo bank – has been speaking about Bitcoin at Banca d’Italia, Italian Parliament Lower House, IlSole24Ore, and many international universities and conferences. Chairman of the Host Committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan, he is a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF) Blockchain taskforce, the scientific committee, and the (Italian Association promoting Blockchain technologies) supervisory board. His academic research focuses on price stability, advocating automated non-discretionary elastic monetary policy for a new generation of cryptocurrencies (Hayek Money). He is also a founder and co-administrator of the QuantLib project, a comprehensive free/open-source software framework for quantitative finance. He teaches Interest Rate Derivatives as Adjunct Professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca. With strong skills and publications on rate curves and clearing tools, he has headed quantitative and risk-management teams in Banca IMI (Intesa Sanpaolo), Banca Caboto and Monte Paschi Asset Management (MPAM); he has also been a co-founder and managing partner of RiskMap (now StatPro Italia).